Transport Monkey
Transport Monkey at Monkey School







Monkey carrier

Transport Monkey is normal Monkey that've already trained at Monkey School, you can train a monkey at Monkey School by tamed it first by throwing a banana(4-5) at it until a pink spark glowing above its head. once tamed, you can give them an order to gather things or train them to be a Transport Monkey that will help you carry your things.

To train them become Transport Monkey, press [E] at Monkey School then you need 15 bananas to train your tamed Monkey become Transport Monkey, once you have 15 bananas, your tamed monkey's appearance will change, they will carry a leaf "bag", and will keep following you anywhere.

Requires: 15x bananas, a trained monkey, a Monkey School.

Transport monkey 2 Stranded 2

Transport Monkey at night

Tan monkey 2 Stranded 2

Tamed monkey

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