Stranded I is the official prequel to Stranded II, published by Unreal Software on 5/12/03. It was developed in a 3D engine and has many of the features that Stranded II has, in a simplified format with less expansion upon it. It can be downloaded here.

Main Differences Between Stranded I and Stranded IIEdit

Stranded I Stranded II
Searching to obtain items from objects Striking objects to obtain items
Water is just shallow textured terrain that can be walked on Water has depth and is able to be swimmed in
The Adventure Mode included one island The Adventure Mode included multiple islands
There were much fewer objects, items, actions, and general features Stranded II presented many new features and over 100 new items
Has a simple story integrated into random island mode Has a seperate campaign mode
Has no skills and a much simpler GUI Has skills, journals, stats, and a more complicated GUI

Survival TipsEdit

Regular SurvivalEdit

  • Creating bread in this game is very important. Not only does it allow you to be well fed, but it also allows you to train up with the native on the island, which is an important part to advancing in the game.
  • In Stranded I, there is a legitimate way to win the game when playing in a normal mode. You must continuously build structures until you're able to unlock the sail raft. This allows you to bypass the invisible wall that goes along the ocean, making it so that once you sail a certain distance away from the island you win the game.
  • If you can find your way up upon trees, rocks, or other objects, predators will not actually be able to reach you to attack. This gives you a very good vantage point to attack them from.
  • If your path is ever blocked by dangerous objects such as poisonous flours or spikes, you can bypass them by walking on trees above.


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