States are buffs/debuffs that can be given to the player, objects, units, or items. They have various effects and may or may not be able to be obtained/detained in various ways.


Healing - Regenerates health over time.

Invulnerability - Grants invincibility.

Bloodrush - Grants double speed.

Tame - Makes hostile animals not attack the player.


Fracture - Slowly drains health until death. Can be cured by a splint.

Bleeding - Slowly drains health until death. Can be cured by using a bandage, medikit, blueblossom or bind.

Fuddle - The player's screen will change colours and blur.

Poisoning - Causes object to take continuous damage.

Fire - Sets object on fire, creates light and causes health loss.

Eternal Fire - Sets object on fire with no way to put it out.

Frostbite - Causes the object to take continuous damage, similar to fire.

Electroshock - Causes electrical light to be emitted from object, causes health loss.

Dizzy - The player's screen will blur.


Pus - No effect.

Particle - Causes glowing particles to emit from object.

Light - Causes light to be edmitted from object.

Smoke - Causes smoke to be emitted from object.

Flare - Causes small flame to appear at top of object with no other effect.

Action - No effect unless assigned.

Wet - Prevents fire from afflicting object.


  • If an item that is afflicted with a state is put into the rucksack and then back out, it will lose it's effect.

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