Branch+ Liana


Pebbles, Coffee Fruits, grapes, berries, claw, teeth, goldnugget

The slingshot is the foremost basic ranged weapon. It is created by combining a vine with a branch. It uses pebbles, coffe fuites, grapes, and berries for ammo, as well as claws, teeth, and goldnuggets. It is very low powered, so you must ark your shot more than a bow, longbow, goldbow, or Crossbow if you'd like to hit your target. It's a fairly easy weapon to make and use on your first day when cotton for the bow is out of reach. It's recommended to kill parrots with it, as pebbles are common, parrots take only one hit to kill with pebbles, and other ranged weapons will only waste ammo. It is however not recommended to use slingshot against a lion as it takes a lot of ammo and you're the one probably going to end up dead.


"a slingshot which can shoot small stuff"

When out of Ammunition:Edit

"No ammo!"

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