The player is the point of view of which a person playing Stranded II will experience the game. In adventure mode and through various speech sounds, it is revealed that the player is a male who was rich enough to purchase a yatch, taking it out to sea but being castaway when it was hit by lightening and exploded, sending him drifting off to awaken on a deserted island. Through various voice clips, it appears that he regards the person playing the game to be a seperate entity from himself, using indecators such as "You", and having a tone that tells a story in the begining cutscene rather than recollecting it. He also appears to be somewhat cynical, regarding the person playing the game as "stupid" and being very irritated when an action does not work. Assuming that he is also the one who writes the diary entries in adventure mode, he also often uses sarcasm and a sober sense of logic in a rather twisted situation.


Because the player is indeed a unit, he holds his own set of stats. The only stats that are player-specific are thirst, hunger, fatigue, and air. These stats all go from increments of 1-100, whereas the other stats can go in theoretically infinite increments. The values for the player's non-specific stats go as so:

Stat Value
Health 100
Speed 1.6
Max Weight 25000


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