This skill increases whenever you fell a tree. Note that the tree must be full grown to give more skill; when the tree falls, you will see a brief glow when you gain a skill point.

  • 25 - Hackling:
Logs can now be combined with an axe or a machete to gain 10 branches
  • 50 - Axe amateur:
The right way to strike out increases the damage that your axe causes on wood
  • 100 - Axe adept:
You have learned to hit wood at the right angle to cause even more damage
  • 200 - Axe semi-professional:
Your strenght and technique have further improved, increasing the damage on wood
  • 400 - Axe professional:
Woodcutting in perfection! By using the optimised technique, you cause maximum damage with your axe
  • 800 - Butcher of the woods:
Attention! Keep in mind that trees are important for the earth's climate - with your skills, you could easily clear-fell all forests of the world!

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