1.6 m/s


9% of HP




2 Large meat, 4 claws, 4 teeth, 2 hides

The Lion is a common aggresive animal found on most islands in varying abundance based on chosen difficulty and/or the map maker's discretion. Though many will be distributed randomly throughout a generated map, they can only respawn naturally near a Lion Stone (a medium-sized rock piled with bones and meat). Lions will provide 4 claws, 4 teeth, 2 hides, and 2 large meat when killed.


Lions will prowl around in circles relatively close to their spawn point and constantly scan for the player's presence. When the player walks within range, the lion will immediately lock on and chase the player. Lions will make no attempt to path around or over objects when chasing the player and can thus get stuck behind large trees and rocks, making them easy to kill or escape.

If the player attacks them from afar, they will briefly move towards the source of the projectile-- after a brief chase, if the player is still out of range, the lion will return to its innate behavior. Further, due to the lion using the same behavior as the Raptor, lions will eat pieces of small and large meat if they linger close enough to them or said item is thrown at them. Unlike raptors, however, lions cannot be tamed in this way, and the food is thus wasted.


Lions have a decent amount of health, average speed, and enough attack damage to make it a tough creature to take down. When attacking the player, lions have a chance to inflict Bleeding status, a very dangerous wound which will continually damage you until you either apply a Blueblossom or craft a Bandage.

If a lion begins chasing you and you are ill-prepared, it is best to immediately run in the other direction-- the player is about as fast as the lion and it won't catch up to you.

It is not recommended to engage a lion without a ranged weapon like a Bow or a Spear-- a slingshot deals little damage and engaging in melee with the lion is risky. Lions have limited ability to climb or jump over obstacles, so it is to your advantage to curl around large trees and stand on top of tall rock formations when being chased. They also do not go into water, allowing you to kill them by hitting them with your bare hands when they get close while you are standing in the water.


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