Kiwi Breeding

Building Terrain



Hut or Well

Materials required

50 Branches, 80 Leaves, 10 Vines




Spawn 1 Kiwi/Day

Kiwi Breedings are objects that can be built by the player. Every day that there is one on the map, it will spawn one kiwi until it reaches an upper limit of 3 or more. They can be very useful to create a steady source of food and feathers in the later game, and allow you to keep higher population control. The first kiwi will spawn on the first day, the second Kiwi spawns when 2 or 3 days have passed from the first Kiwis spawn. A third Kiwi will spawn when 2 days or more pass from the second Kiwis birth.



  • It has the same exact properties of a kiwi nest, except for the fact that it can be built and is not found in randomly generated maps

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