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Foods are items that are safe or beneficial to use the eat action on. There are also a number of items that can be consumed that are not directly classified as "food", or various liquids that can be drunk.

Edible ItemsEdit

Item Effect How to obtain
Health Potion 5 health, 40 thirst, regeneration, removes intoxication, dizzy, fuddle Strong healing herb x3; Healing herb x5; Goldherb + water + stone
Potion of haste 30 thirst, bloodrush Cacao fruit + coffee fruit + stone
Immortal Potion 30 thirst, immortality N/A
Air Potion 30 thirst, 20000 air N/A
Water Bottle 5 health, 50 thirst 30 leaves + stone ; Bottle + Water Source
Juice 20 health, 15 hunger, 40 thirst 30 berries + stone
Wine 10 health, 5 hunger, 40 thirst, fuddle, vomiting 30 grapes + stone
Poison -5 health, 30 thirst, intoxication state Obtained from scorpions; Toxic fungus + stone
Berries 2 health, 7 hunger, 4 thirst Obtained from berry bushes
Grapes 3 health, 3 hunger, 3 thirst Obtained from grape vines
Healing Herb 20 health, 5 thirst Obtained from the soil; Herb Garden
Strong Healing Herb 45 health, 5 thirst Obtained from the soil; Herb garden
Goldherb 7 health, 5 hunger, 5 thirst, removes dizzy state Obtained from the soil; Herb garden
Bitterroot -5 health, 15 fatigue, vomiting, removes fuddle state Obtained from the soil; Herb garden
S Meat (raw) 10 hunger, 5 thirst Obtained from small animals; Lion Stones
S Meat (fried) 5 health, 16 hunger, 10 thirst Frying small meat
L Meat (raw) 5 Health, 20 Hunger, 10 Thirst Obtained from large animals
L Meat (Fried) 10 Health, 32 Hunger, 15 Thirst Frying large meat
Dough 7 health, 50 hunger, 5 thirst Water + flour
Chocolate Dough 7 health, 50 hunger, 5 thirst Cacao + Dough
Flour 1 health, 20 hunger, -20 thirst 9x Grains + stone
Grains 2 health, 5 hunger x3 from sheaf
Bread 10 health, 75 hunger Frying dough
Coconut 5 health, 10 hunger, 30 thirst Obtained from ripe coconut trees
Banana 5 health, 28 hunger, 20 thirst, 5 fatigue Obtained from ripe banana trees
Coffee Fruits 1 health, 4 hunger, 2 thirst, 7 fatigue Obtained from ripe coffee trees
Cacao Fruit 5 health, 15 hunger, -10 thirst Obtained from ripe cacao trees
Plums 3 health, 11 hunger, 12 thirst, creates excrement Obtained from ripe plum trees
Cacao 5 health, 25 hunger, -20 thirst Cacao fruit + stone
Cookie 15 hunger Frying chocolate paste
Fish (raw) 5 health, 17 hunger, 20 thirst Obtained from fishing; Bownets; Fish (unit)
Fish (fried) 15 health, 30 hunger, 16 thirst Frying a fish
Seaweed 1 health, 5 hunger, 3 thirst Obtained from seaweed (object); Bownets
Insect Parts 5 hunger, 1 thirst Obtained from insects; Digging; Bark
Slime 1 hunger, 6 thirst Obtained from snails; Clams; Bark
Worm 5 hunger, 4 thirst Digging

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