Fishing is the activity you use while holding a Fishing rod tool while facing a large body of water (such as the ocean). Each time you attempt to fish, your skill in fishing skill increases by one. As you gain in skill, you will (randomly) tend to catch items which are better forms of food. When you start, you may catch nothing. with a higher skill you will catch nothing, clams, starfish, or seaweed. As you improve you have a chance of catching fish. If you have insect parts in your inventory when you fish, you will lose one insect part per fishing attempt, and this bait will increase your chance of catching something better than your skill normally allows. If you fish while not facing any water, although you will gain in fishing skill for the attempt, you will never catch anything (and lose insect parts as bait as well). There are sometimes bubbling areas in water that indicate easy places to catch fish, even with a low fishing skill.

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