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You can create all the kinds of stuff in the world here, pretty much. So let's get started!

By combining at least 2 materials or Tools in your rucksack (inventory) you can craft various items. The most important example is the Hammer. Which is made by opening the rucksack, selecting a Branch and a Stone, and finally pressing the create icon [+] at the bottom of the inventory screen.


Stranded 2 Spear Branch1 + Stone
Clawspear Branch1 + Claw
Stranded 2 machete Branch1 + Iron + Hammer
Slingshot Branch1 + Vine
Bow1 Bendablebranch + Cord
Goldbow 10x Goldnugget + Cord + Hammer
Longbow 3x Bendablebranch + 3x Cord + Stranded 2 machete
Arbalest 3x Branch1 + 5x Ironbar + 6x Cord + 10x Ironbolt + Hammer


Branch Tree Trunk + Matchet or Tree Trunk + Axe
Pebbles Stone + Hammer
Wooden Arrows Branch + Feather
Arrows Branch + Feather + Pebbles
Bolts Branch + Matchet or bendable Branch + Matchet or Bamboo + Matchet
Iron Bolts Iron Bar + Hammer
Poison Arrows Branch + Feather + Poison
Fire Arrows Branch + Feather + Wool


Healthpotion Strong Healing Herb + Water + Stone or Healing Herb + Water + Stone or Gold Herb + Water + Stone
Wine Grapes + Stone
Juice Berries + Stone
Water Bottle 30x Leaf + Stone
Speedpotion Cacaofruit + Coffee Fruits + Stone
Splint Branch + Vine
Bleeding Bandage Leaf + Vine or Leather + Vine


Wine Grapes + Stone
Juice Berries + Stone
Water Bottle Leaf + Stone
Flour 9x Grain + Stone
Dough Water + Flour (Can be used along with a Well or Water Scource)
Bread Dough + Fire
Dry Cocoa Cacaofruit + Stone
Cookie Dough Dough + Dry Cocoa
Cookies Cookie Dough + Fire

Misc ItemsEdit

Poison Toxic Fungus + Stone or Bitterroot + Mushroom + Water + Stone
Joint Hemp + Leaf
Iron Rod Iron + Hammer
Tent 10x Branch + 10x Leather
Bendable Branch Branch + Water (By Bottle or outlaying Water Scource)
Wilson Volleyball + Branch
Cord Use wool/cotton

Misc FunctionsEdit

Make fire Branch + Bark

Torch + Standing Torch + Hit!
Flint + Flint + Hit!

Picking Grain Wheat + The Operate button, in your rucksack
Planting Fruits
Saplings / Sprouts
The Grain + The Us[e] button (Aiming at the ground)


Pickaxe (used to mine stones, iron and gold faster) Iron Rod + Branch + Hammer
Scythe (used to harvest Wheat faster) Iron Rod + Branch + Hammer
Axe (used to chop trees faster) Iron + Branch + Hammer
Spade (used to dig Insect_Parts, stone, and mushroom out of the ground.) Iron Rod + Branch + Hammer
Hammer (used to craft other tools and buildings.) Branch + Stone
Fishing Rod (used to catch fish from ocean) Bendable_Branch + Cord
Net (used to catch Butterflies and get Insect_Parts) Branch + 10x Cord

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