• RoboticBurn

    I found a spam page

    July 18, 2014 by RoboticBurn

    Can a mod or something remove it?

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  • SoakThePirate


    April 14, 2014 by SoakThePirate


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  • Darkload101

    the floor is black

    March 8, 2014 by Darkload101

    if the floor is black it might be because you tabed out this happends for some reson to fix it you got to save and quit the game go back on the game and it should be fixed

    PS if you tab out it will happen 

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  • Darkload101

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  • Puddingskinmcgee

    Wiki Navigation

    October 29, 2013 by Puddingskinmcgee

    Hey all, so I've just edited the wiki navigation at the top of the wiki here, how do you like it? Is there anything you would like to see added or taken away?

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  • Thegamerdotcom

    helping hand...

    October 29, 2013 by Thegamerdotcom

    ok so as of playing this game for about a year now and share this with my friends they have alll turned the game down not because of the grafics they play minecraft and garys mod and other games with the "not so great grafics" they turned the game down in the long run because there is no multiplayer in the main game there may be mods but the number of poeple playing this game is so low that only a few poeple really use the mutiplayer mod.

    but besides that im here to help the current admin and this is written in hope of her finding it im sure she will but the faster i speak with her the better and hopefully i can start seeing what she has in mind for the wiki and what path she's taking in the way of cleaning up the wiki and making it more li…

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  • Puddingskinmcgee

    New Admin Rights

    October 28, 2013 by Puddingskinmcgee

    Hey everybody (or whoever is still actually posting here), I've officially been passed for adoption of this wiki and I'm now the honerary wiki admin/bureaucrat. I've got a lot of planned changes for here, but if you have any concerns to voice than please bring them up to me. Thanks for your time, and happy hunting!

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  • SethOmega

    Well, this is my home base. Here I will post all buildings, items, and combinations for you to read up on.

    Pebbles - Small stones used as Slingshot ammo.
    Branch - A branch used to make many tools.
    Stone - A large stone. Used for construction.
    Log - A large log. Has a few uses, but very heavy.
    Leaf - A leaf. Has many uses and can be made into water.
    Poison Mushroom - A poisonous mushroom. Don't eat it.

    Item Combinations:
    Leaf + Stone = Water
    Poison Mushroom + Stone = Poison

    Tool Combinations:
    Branch + Stone = Hammer
    Branch + Iron + Hammer = Machete
    Branch + Iron + Hammer = Axe

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  • SethOmega

    Well, this is the first post in my Stranded 2 Guide. First of all, for this guide I will make a Random Island, to be fresh. I well keep you informed once a week on my doings, and also give you many tips and tricks for the game. Feel free to hit me with suggestions on what I should do next.

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